Jumping at the chance

So, have you managed to stick to your New Year resolutions? Apparently a third of us will have given in by now, which means that quite a few are soldiering gamefully on.

Exercise is always a favourite, or rather a pledge to do more of it. The answer to keeping it up though is to find something you really enjoy.

So how about this? The Rugby Football League has launched a new initiative to get women involved in rugby league coaching. It would tick a few boxes for me – the chance to learn more about the intricacies of the sport and its laws, meeting like-minded people and the opportunity to get in a tracksuit and do something physical.

Apparently only 4 per cent of qualified rugby league coaches are female, which means the sport is missing out on a whole different perspective, not to mention resource.

More than 20 women have signed up so far, and they’ll be preparing to coach the 7-11 age group.  You can read more about it here.

Picture by Allis Sinisalu via Unsplash

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