The Women are Watching


The numbers are up – and they’re rather surprising

Did you know that women make up 38% of the audience watching rugby league on Sky Sports? For a sport played mainly by men (but certainly not only), that’s an impressive figure. It means that rugby league not only provides entertainment that appeals across the genders but also that it makes women feel included and welcomed. On this International Women’s day, we think that is something to celebrate.

So this week we start a series looking at women who are part of the fabric in league, in many different ways, starting with a column by a woman thrust into the world of sports reporting after her husband was brutally attacked and left fighting for his life.

Gemma Carter is an extraordinary woman, but she would balk at that description. When her partner Gary was the victim of an unprovoked attack in London, it left him fighting for his life. She spent months at his bedside as he began his slow recovery. When Gary finally went back to his job as a reporter for The Sun, it was clear he would still need help and support getting to jobs and with other aspects of his work. Gemma took the brave step of giving up her own career to help Gary to continue his. And now she even has her own column in Forty-20 Magazine. Two nicer people in rugby league you’d struggle to find.  Read about her experiences joining the RL press corps here.

We are planning a pretty special celebration of women in the game in May this year, at the annual Inspiring Women’s Awards at the historic Midland Hotel in Manchester. These awards have been going for 25 years, putting the spotlight on the amazing women who have made a difference in their sphere, from the world of business and entrepreneurism to social action and campaigning. It’s also a heap load of fun. Watch this space.

Enjoy International Women’s Day and remember, if you want equality for women and every other less privileged group in society, then you are a feminist.

Be loud and be proud!


Featured image by Kalen Emsley via Unsplash

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