Do You Know These Women?


Rugby League is a no-holds-barred kind of sport. It has to be really. Any player worth his or her salt will tell you that if you attempt to hold back on the pitch, chances are you’ll come a cropper.

You can tell that female players throw themselves into the physical aspects of league just as much as the fellas do by taking a glance at the pictures. Check out a few here, after the report about Stanningley’s game against Oulton Raidettes in the Premier Division this weekend.

Her Rugby League has stumbled across some other pictures of league ladies, but we need your help in identifying who they are. We’d also like to know what the competition was. There are plenty of clues here. It looks like it was a rugby festival of sorts, for players of all ages. We know that the pictures were commissioned by the Rugby Football League who framed them, probably displayed them and then put them into storage.

Did you take them? Are you on them? What can you tell us about the contest? Just leave a comment or email us at and we’ll pass the info on to David Smith at Heritage Quay, with whom they currently reside.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Know These Women?

  1. No 10 is Lisa MacIntosh. And Amanda Clegg is in the background of one of them. If you make co tact with some players from around this time (late 90s early 2000s) you should be able to identify them.

  2. This is who I think the players are I could be wrong .. it was a long time ago

    1. Gemma Walsh & Donna Parker
    2. Keighley Player ?
    4. Amanda Clegg Bradford Bulls & Danielle Titterington Wakey/Townville
    5. Katie Birkenhead
    8. Not sure of the ball carrier but Julie Wells in the background
    11. Lisa Mac
    12. Michelle Greenwood and Tee
    13. Kay Rollinson in the background
    14. Michelle Greenwod
    16. Katie Birkenhead

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