Spotlight on: Paige Stevens

paige stevens 2PAIGE STEVENS

Age: 21.

Occupation: Carer.

Club: York City Knights Ladies.

Position: Second Row.

Representative honours: Yorkshire.

Tries scored this season: 2 tries in a friendly before the Super League started.

Club supported: Leeds rhinos.

Male player most admired and why: When I was younger I used to love Ryan Bailey when he played for Leeds, he’s such a strong player with a lot of confidence!

Female player most admired and why: Any girl that walks on to a pitch and plays a game of rugby has my respect, it’s a tough game!

paige stevens 1Personal Rugby League ambitions: I personally want to be become the best player I can be so I can go on to one day represent England or play at a higher level, there’s a lot to improve but I’m loving where I’m playing at the moment.

Toughest individual opponent: I wouldn’t say there was one individual. I think all the girls are tough opponents, they all have different strengths that you have to adapt to when playing.

Describe yourself as a player: I’m the player that plaits everyone’s hair before a game…the hair dresser of the team! I’d like to think I’m a good player but there’s always room for improvement.

Team mantra: Ohana, because the girls are like family.

Interests outside of Rugby League: Family time is the most important to me!

I love a good team bonding day out, we always have the best laughs! If in not playing rugby I’m out watching other teams play.

paige stevens 3Kay Rollinson, Paige’s coach:   Paige is still relatively new to the game and can be devastating at times. She has great explosive power both in attack and defence. In my opinion, playing super league will bring the best out in Paige week in week out and by her coming up against some of the best in the country this can only help Paige to fulfil her full potential. I think if she apply herself right then she could potentially push some of the established England players for a place in the representative training squad.

Action shots courtesy of Liam Platt


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