Amanda Wilkinson

In a sport dominated by men when it comes to top level coaching, Amanda Wilkinson really deserves her inclusion in our League of Outstanding Women.

Amanda was the first woman in the world to receive her Level 3 rugby league coaching qualification, which made her better qualified that some of the men at the very top.

“I have always loved coaching. It is quite good to be the first to do something, but I just want to be seen as equal,” she said at the time, and her words are as inspirational as her actions.

“I think it is about realising what different attributes I, and women, can bring to the sport. My approach is to break things down with a player and look at their technical issues and see how they move.”

Amanda is the Wigan Warriors community marketing executive, putting her brains and bright ideas to work off the pitch just as much as on it. She’s what we at Her RL call a proper role model.